Monday, June 1, 2009

#101: Scissors is a dickhead, not me

I know "#delayed number 4" doesn't even make sense. Secondly I was watching TSN Worlds Best Speller in the Whole World (The annual spelling bee contest that always plays during NHL and NBA playoffs), and I spelt this world correctly:


Man, it was a final 20 word. Impressive.

Goombay is a form of Bahamian music and a drum used to create it. Its most famous practitioner in modern times was Alphonso 'Blind Blake' Higgs ...
I searched Goombay on youtube and this was the highest viewed video. It beat out number 2 by 4000 votes, impressive.

Alright, so I wish Goombay music was a little more, more... more. Fuck. This is what happens when I don't blog enough, I don't know what words to use to express myself.

Here are some photographs to back up the shit I have been talking about the past few posts.

Bombing hills at 2AM

Going to MTL to mess with chicks and get my MBP back

Can you spot the nerd in this picture?

So I went to make a post about Rock Paper Scissors when I realized, what the dick? Why do you get more than 1 pair of scissors while everyone is throwing one rock or one paper?

To resolve this I am going to make a FAIR poll about Rocks Papers and Scissors. Consider this one of those lame psychology tests that your friends always make you do for their psych projects. These are often sent in the form of secret messages and groups on facebook.

However, contrary to using this fucking information for school, I'm going to use this (information) to my advantage when playing people at Rocks Papers and fucking Scissor (how do you like that Scissors, you like it when you only have one when everyone else gets two? Dick), whether it be for a game of SKATE, your rocking chair, first pick at girls, candy canes, make out sessions, or whatever. I just want to win and be good at this game.

Searched: "big ass rock"

Searched: "worlds largest piece of paper"

Searched: "edward scissorhands cutting dog screen cap"*

Fun fact: This is the second time Edward Scissorhands has appeared on our blog.
Fun fact 2: Here is the first appearance

*Fuck, I made the mistake (or benefit/success/good whatever the antonym of mistake is) of searching "fucking scissors" in google. Try this, it's hilarious.