Friday, June 5, 2009

#102: foot soldier w/ sprained ankle looking for work

I was on ESPN and looking at sports highlights. After I watched all the desirable highlights I noticed that ESPN and the Discovery Channel were related so I threw on some Discovery Channel highlights.

I fell asleep to 9 episodes of "Journey to the Edge of the Universe" which talked about how minuscule the Earth was (I knew this) and that when the sun died out we would all die (I also knew this). However it delved deeper and discussed that other planets and gas clouds and crazy shit were fueling the sun. Anyways, it was good to fall asleep to the narrator... has a good voice.

Where in the World is LPB?

She needs to come and keep me grounded, these posts are becoming too experimental with the fonts, out of this world topics, and VHS RIPS.

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