Monday, May 25, 2009

#delayed number 3

Sorry officer, I'm high... from skateboarding.

LPB, I think I have some pretty notorious late night texts. Or maybe only to girls that I like to harass (this is not good).
Tonight (or last night depending when I post this) I went skating.

Not just skating and doing tricks but riding. I took the ol' wood to the Trafalgar hill the windy one, riding down I 'yipeed'. When was the last time you yipeed?

I must have ridden down those hills half a dozen of times before my legs couldn't take me up the slope.
I sat down on the sidewalk and I saw again, the number of the night, half a dozen cop cars. One stopped and questioned my motives but I came away scot free from the Man again.

I stretched out my legs, closed my eyes, the song on my iPod changed, and as I opened them time and the world had stopped. Or... No one traveled down Speers for a while and lamp posts don't move, so it is hard to judge. But to me, it felt like time had stopped and I was sitting at the edge of the world, legs swinging. That's how I want to live my life.

Skating cleared my head, I figured out what was to happen with several things that had been clouding my mind recently, like:
  1. How to get my dream armchair from the Snoops place downtown Oakville
  2. What to do about school
  3. What to do about work
  4. What to do about Andrea
  5. What to do about 'Life.' (This looks really stupid unless you know what Life. is)
Life. I have something SICK cooking and you were my inspiration. I can't exactly reveal it now but when we meet in the park in person I'll tell you all about it. But for sure the information will be released on TPOT shortly as soon as I get some details worked out.

Love from Pinegrove Rd,

Tam Bowl

P.S Are you going to make a video post of you yipeeing? This would be hilarioius, maybe get Val and Paul in it too. Tooo funny.

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