Saturday, May 23, 2009

#delayed number 2

What's going on?

I mean, you gotta have love right?

I'm going to Montreal in a few days to go grab my Macbook and then we'll be able to start this up again. I also have a camera so it'll be a lot more interesting than the first picture that shows up on Google Image Search when I search for "Birds with Arms" or "Girls with money". Anyways this Lupe (First annnnddd Fifteen!) <--- Wow that was fucking lame, this Lupe song is my song of summer, every summer. Dig this AOL sessions. Box, your favourite asians blog is coming back baby.
Kelsbaby, when's the next singles party?

LaurHT, please?

Tony, who's a great man?

Box again, did we make any inside jokes?

Emily, happy birthday prez (forever and ever)!

LPB, man you need to bring yourself a point and shoot or make that NIKON shit happen. I'm really excited for you, I know I made fun of you a little last night but it's all in jest. I WAS really happy to see you but Tony was stealing my asians thunder with Lee so I had to go sulk and make fun of LaurHT and Kelsbaby instead. Which reminds me, Kels you owe me a save from a boring conversation. I know you're creeping up to Ottawa this weekend (by the by apparently I use too much Oakville slang so from here on it, I'm going to try and tone it down... only for a girl right?) but I'll see you SOON because you're leaving June. I know you've been busy with some mad shit, and I've been busy skating and still weeping about my Macbook, but I think I'm in the last stage of breaking up, which is acceptance. However soon I will be reunited. This post was a lot longer than expected and it's already becoming shit. Gotta break out, stay beautiful!

And the man himself...

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