Sunday, April 26, 2009

#54: on episode 54 of entourage the guys go to CANNES FRANCE for the CANNES FESTIVAL

LPB, I think the best comment on Hypebeast was "is the bitch on the left pregnant?"

Robin, you're not a bitch and you're not pregnantanymore. Robin you're sweet, can I come over sometime to swim in my new swim shorts when Justine isn't there? I heard you're going to be drunk by 2 PM too, that's my kinda gal. Can't wait to see ya and the baby.

We're closing in on the TPOT's centennial post, so that is really sweet.

This has been my first sober moment since Friday (finished my religions exam) and the summer in Montreal has been snappin' (20 plus degree weather).

After religions I shotgunned a beer, started drinking and played mario kart (I think I posted something on TPOT too).


Next week we're going to have Tony from thelivesofgreatmen to come and do some guest posting, so stay stoked for that. As long as he doesn't post no 5000 word essays or outwits me on my own blog it'll be ok. I'm going to screen all his posts first to make sure he's not too funny.

I'm not drunk, why does everyone think I'm drunk. FUCK. Is this the new "tam is a dick" thing? If I learned anything from that whole dick stint, it's that I should probably come to terms with it fast. On the bright side at least I'm not a drunk. I hope the next "tam is a dick" thing is "tam looks on the bright side" I would be happy with that.

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