Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#52: i'm not drunk el

There's so much going through my brain right now, scatter brain. I need to draw a mind map.

Edit: I actually did it, but I don't have MSPAINT so I had to use photoshop which is good because I added imagery. I feel like it helped convey my thoughts.

I ripped my favourite jawns today and this made me very sad. But my deadline for Serena was looming (who knew she would be so strict!) and I knew I had to write, write whatever my little fingers were feelin' cause they were hot, hot, hot!. Now I know exactly what it feels like to be a writer for the New York Times.

Here are some pictures of my jeans and a video of me taking off my pants. If anyone knows of a good seamstress hold on tight to her, and I'll get my fingers to call your ears.

Ok LPB, you can post now. You're so nomnomnom (did I do this right?)

Tony, hey Tony when are you going to make my World Famous Top 5's? I'm rattled I'm not invited to your birthday party but at least leave me some dignity and let me do a hilarious Top 5 list. Trust me I'm going to out do myself, I can already see it now. The vision buddy, the vision.


Mia, do you read my blog? Just talk to me, just tell me, lets work it out baby.

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