Monday, April 20, 2009

#50: half a century post

Half a century ago Pokemon didn't exist. Nor did the other mons, like Digimon, Supermon, or Chi chi mons.

My landlord wants me to pay for damages for some stupid shit I did to the common area.

I was drunk as fuck cooking my noodles to eat after coming in from a night out, and I knocked over a chair by accident. So I left it there thinking I'd get it later. 5 minutes elapsed and Manuel creeps into the room and starts flipping shit over because he sees the chair turned over. So I go over there and help him we flip the couches, place some sticks on the couches, put some chairs outside on the balcony and then Manuel gets the idea to pour soap all over the couches. Now we're just chillin, chillin, still chillin, I look up and there is a fucking camera.


I'm going to get a hold of the video later this afternoon and post it-- stay tuned.

Now, this weeks poll is taken from the Final Flare, where Young Olson asks Old Johnson if he "Believes in Dragons," the question was never answered and so here we stand.

Do you believe in dragons?

- Yes

- No

I watched the 25th Hour last night by Spike Lee. I'm a huge Spike Lee fan, but the montage about stereotypes that was found in Do the Right Thing (by Spike Lee), seemed forced in this movie. The acting was pretty on point but the movie moved slowly. I liked it, but if someone asked me to recommend them something good I wouldn't point them this way.

LPB, I wasn't lurking they were making so much noise, like... "OUUUEEEE, OUUUUEEE then EEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH."

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