Saturday, April 18, 2009

#49: ask me for pics

As girls,

Do you think about where you'll end up after you drink your tequila,
like the dark alleyway under my balcony?
screaming and yelling,

team pee, team pee, team pee,

and lining up against the wall, team peeing

with your cameras flashing, and mine as well

Drunk girls are crazy

The theme for this week are people with things on their heads. LPB kicked it off nicely with Shia from Even Stevens fame (love(d) that show).

Here's my contribution tonight:

Some of my favourite things are in this picture.
  1. hats
  2. kittens
  3. jean jackets
  4. the mole milky way (just kidding i love this picture).
LPB, see you in the hometown soon so we can get it snapping for my birthday party. introduce that new new superboo to the home folks. also on a grimmer note i'm about to double double you, watch out.

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