Sunday, April 12, 2009

#42: "I have a boyfran"

Top 1 reason why I fucking hate Ottawa:
1. The McDicks is too far

Top 5 reasons why I still love Ottawa:

1. Getting drunk in tunnels
2. Tunnels for late night soccer
3. Tunnels for running from nerd ass rez security, who does he think he is with his hooody-hoo walkie talkie, I had my runners on
4. Drinking with people who encourage black out drinking
5. Freddy, Deshon, Eric, Erin, Turner, LPB


Just saw an ad for Cover Girl by Rihanna. Stoked that she's staying beautiful.

Things you had to see this weekend:
1. Sega getting compromised

Source: Turner


  1. i LOVE chester french

  2. and by alex, this is really emily mayers, but im using my geography class notes email because i dont have a blog or gmail or AIM.....

  3. italian tiles haha, but I did go out and stock my mini fridge like this. call the party line if you want to come over a.lexandra