Wednesday, April 8, 2009


... like I'm about to double LPB's posts

, it's Eli. I didn't make that poll either, you did? Don't understand what you are trying to blame me for, I picked Pho. But no one else will. Besides I thought Pussy was the red herring you put.

Tony, awesome cuz.

Everyone else, I was in the kitchen listening to music and I decided to make a small video. Then I decided to put my macbook to use and edit the video. Then it turned into this. Hopefully production values will rise as I continue to practice this craft, it ain't easy like KD. I had a little bit of speghetti, rotini and left over chicken from the other night so I just threw it all together, and thats what this video is about. The climax was when I sliced up the chicken (just to clarify for any non-english majors).

Edit: Dude why is there no sound. I'm over this.


  1. This reminds me of that video of me in Jane Jensens kitchen like 4 years ago on St. Patricks Day where I got really drunk and hosted a cooking show using Pillsbury croissants and an apple. You were there.

  2. You rolled up that weed like a bon bon and ate it! Those were good times.

  3. one, word.

  4. i'm soo making a videp post tomorrow of me in rez doing something like mixing a drink, or something exciting!!!