Tuesday, April 7, 2009

#39: At least you look good

Ok, firstly regarding my bum picture. I searched 'Brazilian beach volleyball' and took the first image alright?

Secondly, new Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Common, and Lady GaGa

Thirdly, the internet has taught me many things. I remember stumbling upon a website back in my days of working in a cubicle that taught me how to look cool at all times.

Look, it's all about the lean. I'm paraphrasing here but, you just gotta lean on all sorts of shit.

Never stand straight

Never sit straight

The more horizontal, the cooler

LPB, you're not replying to my texts, my messages, you've dropped off on blogging after you hit your 20, I can't carry this thing by myself. My content is going downhill, I need you, you feel me?

This weeks poll is about 'P' foods

- a hearty bowl of Pho

- a slice of Pizza, popped or not
- a portion of Pasta
- Potatoes, mashed, in stick form, or with gravy and cheese
- Pancakes and Paple Pyrup
- Pussy

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