Tuesday, April 7, 2009

#38: How to save a sinking conversation

... talk about the weather, not your blog.

... or about your dog, but not your blog.

... or tell a funny joke, but definitely not one from your blog.

Now about the poll,

I didn't realize so many people would pick the red herring, I hope you felt just as hilarious picking it as I did making it up.

This past weekend we welcomed an up-and-coming, long posting, short time (but feels like an eternity) friend, Tony Kwon.

Tony, I feel like I need to address something about your guide to 'success in life,' I believe that if I do not fully understand the rules, I may never achieve the highly touted success.

Rules to Success In Life.
by Tony, Luca and Jesse

1) No Responsibilities
2) No Commitments
3) Work the Hustle
4) Do Work, Son

Now, rules 1 to 3 seem pretty straight forward, but number 4 - are you telling me to go to work? This seems like a paradox to the other 3 rules. This couldn't be right so I began to ponder and came to the realization, that you must be singling out Son or otherwise known as Sonny (a friend who must do legit work so that the rest of us can bum off of him).

I have a friend like this, Sega, I have a recording from a Wing Night @ Firehall where he stated that Jay Kvasni (he used full names) and Tam Vu (this is me) were allowed (both, with no discrimination) to bum off him when he makes it into the big leagues. So in order to make this guide relevant to me I have changed rule 4 to 'Do Work, Seg, Hard Work'.


This would make me a bum AND a dick (bum and dick should probably never be used in the same sentence again, I can't even think of one positive outcome).

And nobody likes a bum.

Well... I'm sure some do.

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