Sunday, April 5, 2009

#36: Don't think, just type

At first I was shocked,
I didn't believe... I didn't want to believe what Jay said to me.
There was no way I was a dickhead.

J:"Dude, the faster you come to terms with it, the happier you'll be."
T:"Man, I don't want to be known as a dickhead!"
J:"Dude, trust me. You're a dick. Everyone knows it, and everyone still loves you."
T:"AHHHHH" (that happened inside my head, I think I said like 'damn' outloud).


Confessions of a dickhead,

Those were my humble beginnings. I think ever since that day anytime I've done something fucked I've just blamed it on my natural tendency to be a dick.

I just want to talk to you and make you laugh, sometimes I'll even do it in Tiny Tam voice, and sometimes I'll say something rude and make fun of you by accident. SORRY. It's almost an accident (being a dick is even seeping into my typing), I don't think I just say. Okay, that is a poor excuse, nobody likes a dick.

That's it (that's all), the refrigerator door is closed, the lights are out, the butter is getting hard, the eggs are cooling, the Jello is jiggling, and I'm hanging up my spurs. No more Mr. Dick Guy.

Sorry Jay, I'm just not what you thought I was.

Tam Vu
11:14 PM
don't try so hard to hate me ok?

justine thacker
11:14 PM

Fuck. Maybe I am.

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