Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Holy shit.

I just finished 2000 words in a little over 8 hours, INCLUDING RESEARCH. Thank you "Genius Pills," as Lil' Z dubbed them. I think out of all the things I've posted this has been what I've been asked about the most so here's a Q&A:

Q: Do they work?
A: Yes, there's proof right there. I don't think I've ever written a better essay in so little time. It's actually due in about 3 hours (midnight).

Q: They are probably sugar pills and are giving you a placebo effect (thanks Justine, jerk.)
A: They taste like ass if you bite into them, and they work. Do your homework.

Alright, anyways I apologize to the 100 hits that we've gotten since the last update, it was super busy around here what with me going to Ottawa and Adam coming by. It was epic, the weather was nice, and the birds were singing. So now we're back on to the regular program.

I'm going to make a poll, I don't know if people like reading all this text or if I should keep it short and sweet. I'm not sure if I'm going to even listen to the poll, but I'll discuss that after the fact (in long format or short.)

(Click video for informative video)

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