Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#30: POST 99

I decided to share with our readers for post 99 something I found hilarious today. My younger brother Paul is 13 years old. He likes video games, talking to me on msn when I'm upstairs and he's downstairs, and cats. Here's me and him handling our cat Ginger, and some extra pictures:

 He is in the 7th Grade, and when Paul gets in trouble in class, his teacher writes something called a discipline report.  I never had discipline reports, it's basically a double sided page that has the teachers information on the situation on the one side, and Paul's apology on the other side. I'm going to scan it when I get the chance because seeing it in real life is HILARIOUS, but for now I've typed it below. 

Page 1:
Pilgrim Wood Public School Discipline Report

Student Name: Paul P. Date: Apr. 29
Sent By: Kraus Class: 7-2 Time: 12:30
Homeroom Teacher: Branscombe

Please indicate the Inappropriate Behaviour/ Reason for Office Referral: 
[  ] Physical Aggression 
[x] Disruptive to Other in Class
[  ] Refusal to Work
[  ] Other (please specify) _______________

Details (Written by Teacher)
- not allowing the teacher to deliver instructions (yelling out/rapping songs)  

** Student Reflection and Response (on back):

Page 2:

Name: Paul  Class: 7-2

Resolution: What I did that has contributed to the problem. This is where you need to take responsibility for your actions.

Well, to be honest this is a complete and utter misunderstanding. This makes me mad and I have no complete say in this. SUPPOSEDLY, I cant argue about this or even say what my perspective of this is. This situation should not be interpreted as a discipline report, but a blue slip. I also never rapped i was on task, I simply asked a friend if they wanted to play "pinball" with someone after school when the teacher wasn't talking.

Restitution: This is where the consequences for your mistake is chosen. It is meant to help prevent the problem from happening again and help you make better choices. What are the consequences for this problem.

There should not be ANY consequences for this because I have not done anything bad since my last white slip/discipline report and this discipline report was out of the blue.

Reconciliation: This is the apology healing part. One or more people may be feeling hurt or upset because of this issue. What will you do?

I also don't what to apologize for because for the last time: I DIDNT do anything nor did I get a say

* * * * *

Obviously, this is one of the funniest things I have seen all day. Who knew kids in elementary school got to say their opinion! Last time I got in trouble with Residence Security they just write me up and send me fines in the mail. We need this white slip/blue slip/discipline report that your mom signs system in University (Carleton, take NOTES.) Especially since I can't see my grades because of some 219.00$ fine on my student record. 


LPB aka Serena


  1. Discipline report wtf? At least he was rapping songs like a true Pilgrim Wood homebody. Playa play on.

  2. this is fucking hilarious. :)

  3. OH MY GOD MR.KRAUS IS SUCH A FAG i fucking hate him he almost failed me in french fuck him