Saturday, April 25, 2009

#29: not funny


FIRST OF ALL, that drunk post you made was hilarious. I mean not drunk post. I really liked the drunk (not drunk?) video of you putting them on your head.

Also, I'm so happy to be done school and back in Oakville. You need to come back here asap. I broke the news to Val today that in reality, I'm going to buy a Nikon D90 with my credit line this summer and he needs to get over it. He just looked at me REALLY thoroughly unimpressed. 

I really like centering my posts.

AND I would like to defend myself about this ongoing Hypebeast joke. It isn't a joke because it is NOT funny. Creepers that look at my Facebook and then post pictures (like the ones below) of me on Hypebeast forums is not cool(moral of the story: boys don't be internet creepers. Just tell the lady how you feel.)

AND it was in the Jailbait forum. I am so not jailbait. If the creep who did it reads this and comes forward, I will bake you a batch of cupcakes and personally ice them...and then Tam Vu and I will probably beat you up.. unless you're huge. For the record, I was dressed up as Tila Tequila for a car rally, which is like a giant scavenger hunt across Oakville and you have to have themes. It was last summer, we were celebrity rehab or something. Next to me, Anna is Britney Spears in her prime.

I'm so happy about summer. I can't get over that I'm not going to have to think about anything for 4 months. When I said that to Johanne (my mom) today, she said I would have to think about work. I guess I really shouldn't tell her my Nikon D90 idea then.

LPB aka Serena

ps: my next post is going to be huge and all about Vans authentic Lo Pros.

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  1. "I broke the news to Val today..." GOD I LOVE YOU.