Tuesday, April 21, 2009

#27: I'm rockin' vans, i'm in the sand. I've got a redbull and vodka up in my hand

Well, it's a good thing it's raining in Ottawa. Not like it's almost summer or anything (thanks weatherman, dick.) Sipping wine thinking about summer. 

(this will be me in the summer, but with Vans on where my feet should be)

Things that need to happen for it to be summer:

- weatherman telling me it's +25

- poolside drinking

- [new] bathing suits

- summer tune: Kid Cudi - Superboo

I really like your poll Tam, I really like dragons and voted YES to existing. I like your red herring this time around too. Fraser was telling me the other day I should probably visit BC or something because it's filled with the kind of guys I like. Pat said he would take me there (maybe he will).

Yesterday, It was 4/20 and I spent most of the day celebrating. I made a shirt (pictures later), and went to Parliament Hill, where it's apparently legal on strictly that day.

erinn and I look cute in ray bans.

this post is lame.

LPB aka Serena

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