Tuesday, April 14, 2009

#23: The first skateboard i ever had was Eric Koston


Deshon was being a dickhead this morning (taking after you obviously), and said i don't even post on this blog. Now I am taking time out of my education to post on it because I obviously hate studying for english. 
Eric Koston was on my first deck, it was an orange, white and green mesh of colours, and it was a Girl. I remember going to Hustler and dropping 2.5 bills of Executive Pho Bowl's (Val ie: my dad) money on it, only for it to get stolen out of my connected garage, along with Pat's Andrew Reynolds deck.

(this is Eric Koston, for those who didn't catch on)

Ah yes, those were the days where i used to skateboard in the back of T.A Blakelock in a skirt and Tam had a crush on me (disclaimer; tam is not actually related to me in anyway and I also just spilled one of his dirty little secrets). Apparently I still do skateboard when I'm drunk. Maybe I should start making it a reality again when I'm sober? (View poll on the side)
The days where I looked like this:

and this:

And Tam still looks like this:

Well, now that we got the Grade 10 and 11 flashback out of the way, I can fully let everyone know that it is officially 12 degrees in Ottawa today (and sunny !) which means that summer needs to start for me and the weather better keep getting better.
Also, I always wonder why looks like this always get 28937428374 hypes on lookbook.nu?

I don't understand where this is stylish, I really hope not everyone looks like they've wrapped a black vagina around their head in Copenhagen (apparently this is where she's from).


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