Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#21: No, I am not dead.


Ok listen, i'm sorry i have dropped off the face of the earth. Some of us (not you, Tony, Luka, or Jesse) do not go to school in the Province of Quebec and are done classes and starting exams. This is what I've been up to since I left Montreal. On Monday I:

1) Whisked innocent drunk men off their feet

2) Made good jello shooters and HORRIBLE whiskey ones that froze and turned into Gummies (but i still drank/ate them)

3) And ate poutine in Hull

I think the idea of exams are ridiculous; how can you test everything i learned in one year on one day more than a month later. I just feel like they're designed for me to fail all over them. 

Also, I'm a little rattled you didn't give me any credit for the posting of the song Beautiful. Good choice, that's for sure considering i chose it. I'm rattled that you put the last choice on the Poll this week as 'Pussy'. Are you talking about cats, or straight up vagina? Either way, it's no good and I would eat neither (ewwww). I voted Pancakes (mmmmmm).

I'm really excited for you to come party with me in Ottawa (again.) Team Canada Djs are coming on Sunday, and were going rather you like it or not. I'm not that excited to see you though, more your friend Eli (is that how you spell it?) and SEGA. I've missed them (yes, Eli/Ely LPB misses you already.)

Anyways, I'm stoked to see you. I think the only informative thing in this post is as follows:
1) Stoked to see you/Sega/Eli(Ely??)
2) I like drinking and poutine
3) Don't put jello shooters in the freezer because you're impatient because they turn out being a consistency of gummy bears and it's not tasty.

Little Pho Bowl

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