Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm in Ottawa with LPB.

Top 5 things about the Nations Capital so far:
1. People who encourage blackout drinking
2. People who think I'm funny (blacked out or otherwise, I'm just really stoked to be here)
3. The cafe lady asking if I was Halal to get a halal hotdog (which was delicious)
4. Alison, Deshon and Allen Iverson
5. The place where they give out free fisherman's friends, fake tattoos and lanyards.

and now I'm looking forward to this for lunch, a BIG PHO BOWL.

ANNNNND!!!!!! The newest latest, this movie is going to be ________ (positive adjective, this is now going to be a madlib blog)

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  1. yes where the wild things are!!! right here!!!