Sunday, March 22, 2009

#30: alexander gold i'm sorry dude.

Nothing bad has ever happened to me during the summer, ever.

All the worst shit happens in the Fall/Winter, injuries, school, and breakups.

If Winter is hating on Lil' Wayne, then we must be one and alike, 'cause my word, Winter is hating on Tam Vu too. (And if we're alike than I'm probably somewhat alike to Sega too)

For gods sake its named fall. Like, falling down. Like falling out. When was the last time something good happened when you fell, I never fell on a million dollars before, and I'd never want to fall into a well either, but I did SPRING onto my skateboard, SPRING into action, SPRING into IKEA for some great SPRING savings on SPRING sofas. The other day with the weather warming up my dude Milen sprung on 200$ he found on the streets!

What are some of the best things about spring/summer? Smelling trees and plants.

Here is what I will look like come spring/summer.

LPB, I read the FML when you told someone on facebook that it was especially good that day (Emily) and one of them was the story of the guy who came out of therapy and called up a one night stand to tell her he regreted her. Yadda, yadda, yadda, it ended in 'FML!'. Anyways, Alexander Gold, I'm sorry I kicked you in the nuts in gr.6, no one says "Damn you, Tam Vu!" after winning lunch time soccer. I think I served a few days suspension on that one. Hope you can still make a family. FYL! (totally kidding, I'm sorry.)

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