Thursday, March 19, 2009

#26: tam vu vs. voodoo vs. asian girls

I'm going to look back on this blog in a decade and think, what the fuck? I'm writing about skateboarding, girls and clothes (and sometimes magic pills), and I thought to myself damn in 10 years I hope I'm still thinking about skateboarding, girls and clothes (and sometimes blue magic pills, I guess). Some years ago, Serena did some crazy voodoo shit on me and said that I was never going to get with an asian girl, ever. What. The. Dick. That is the worst voodoo magic shit you could ever do to someone.

The other night at a St. Patty's day party I spotted the cutest asian girl ever, told her she was the cutest, and we left together into the void of the night (and my bedroom).

No, thats what SHOULD have happened. I spotted her, approached her, she turns around and starts making out with another man!

Voo. Doo. Shit.

Don't even stand a chance.

Eli, she was mine first bro.

So here's to the one that got away.

MSTRKRFT feat. N.O.R.E - Bounce

He actually TWITTERS during this. Hahaha.

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