Monday, March 9, 2009

#22: the pills are here

My piracetam is here, will let you know how it goes. Here is an exerpt from the usage information (come summer I'm going to have a camera and this blog is going to get interesting).

Startup Dose:
Piracetam's effects build the more you use it. The startup doses (or "attack doses") are to kick start your system and increase effects of piracetam. You only need to do an attack dose once. (paraphrasing... something about having to take 7 the first day, than 7 again the next)


Regular use:
Regular use, take 2-4 pills or more if desired. Allow 20-40 minutes to feel the effects. Lasts 3-8 hours.

What I drank this weekend:
- Some shitty wine,
- Pabst BR

What I remember this weekend:
- Nothing

What I learned this week:
- Some people like their hair more than they like you

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