Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#19: Ooh.

I really like that look on you for spring/summer. Are you going to go with the leg sleeve as well? That would be really cool, you should get it Vietnamese themed with pho, and I'll get it Filipino themed, with my Dad on it. I like that you mentioned spring because it's one of the best seasons (in my opinion.)

I'm also really excited for you to come down to Ottawa (shhhhh ... I know I wasn't supposed to tell anyone), and you can go skateboarding in the Carleton underground tunnels with Dave when I'm at cheerleading practice. AND we can make a MacBook album after (kidding.)

I am sitting with my friend Madelyn right now, looking at bad blogs and bad twitters. We have a guest speaker from Venus Envy, and she just started talking about "the dude with the vagina". I'm starting to think 8:30 am is the worst time for a talk about Mangina's(even though 8:30 am is the worst time for anything because I like sleeping until at least 9:30am)

On a lighter, less Mangina note, I have found my new crush. After buying the new GQ with Robert Pattinson on the front, I realized my crush that I formally had on him is now gone (not because of the article on him, but because I've been thinking about sleeping with him since Twilight.) And after watching the snowboarding movie That's it, That's all
upwards of 5 times, I have found a new crush.

Lib Tech rider, Mark Landvik (phwoar, check out picture 19.)

Not only should you see this movie because Mark Landvik is really good-looking (for the males that read this, he's a sick snowboarder), but because Travis Rice rips it up Alaska in it as well, and Pat Moore from Forum That is in it as well.

That's it, That's all.

Lil' Pho B
(aka: Serena)

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