Monday, March 2, 2009

#16: the best ways to die are laughing and in battle

If we start a Monday review we're going to need a name. What about, Liqour on Lundi, or Lunch with Licks, or Drunk with Mother Junkst on Monday or, 'How I Met Your Alcohol', or Who Wants to be an Alcoholic, I have a zillion ideas.

This week on Liqour on Lundi, Lunch with Licks, Drunk with Mother Junkst on Monday, 'How I Met Your Alcohol', Who Wants to be an Alcoholic, I present you:

This was done on a whim, I had no mix and only had Perrier stocked in the fridge. It's quite warming served cold, the kick of the vodka makes this a very man drink. Contrary to photographic evidence the Perrier bottle isn't actually bigger than the oh-so-delicious Grey Goose. 3 shots out of 5.

This cat is a spider!!!!!

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