Sunday, March 1, 2009

#15: do you remember when we first met

Reasons I'm looking forward to spring/summer (people seem to forget that spring comes before summer):

1. Picnics with a Pinel&PinelxKorg

(I'm drawing up plans to make one of these as we speak.)

2. Growing a vegetable garden

3. Wearing this hat while

drinking this drink

4. Skating

5. LPB's fantasy Carribean island and the Occulus yacht.

It's going to be a lackadaisical summer, but I feel grounded with my picnic trunk project.
Here are some more things that I'd also like to do (they didn't make my top 5, I didn't want to give myself too many things to worry about):

  • I want to have a good conversation on my porch
  • I want to give a lift to a hitch-hiker, hopefully he/she doesn't stab or bite me
I wouldn't want that

I used to get defensive when people called me 'lazy' but I'm stoked to get back to that. Embrace it! It's better than being called a dick anyways.
(I'm not a dick)

(I'm going to relax on my updates, I've built up a pretty good stack against LPB)

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