Sunday, March 1, 2009

#14: will kids still learn the macarena in 100 years?

The Macarena (song) is infinitely cooler than you'll ever be.

It was ranked #1 Greatest One Hit Wonder by VHS in '02, it was the best selling debut in the US and it was on the Hot 100 charts for 62 weeks (there are 52 weeks in a year). Oh and as of 1997, the song has also sold 11 million copies

The Macarena is a song about a girl named "Macarena" who is the girlfriend of a recruit to the Spanish Army. She celebrates his drafting by hooking up with not one, but two of his friends. Macarena has a weakness for men in uniforms, spending summers at Marbella, dreams of shopping, moving to New York and getting a new boyfriend.

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