Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#14: I'm way behind you.

When I went home this weekend for the cheerleading competition, first of all, we won.
Second, Oakville/Toronto area was MUCH warmer than it is in Ottawa. 
I am still eagerly awaiting summer so I can wear shorts and stop watching snowboarding movies.
Tam, remember when you were going to make a skateboarding movie called "How's your wife"?
And I was going to make an appearance in it because I was the only(best) girl skateboarder you've ever met??
I really like that Space Jam trailer you posted, and I like your hair better than you too (sorry).


Here is a picture of me with my vintage Carleton University mug that says our mascot is the PANDAS and the rice krispie pillow Patrick gave me before I went away for school.
I think I have a cold.
This is what I've been up to lately:
- winning cheerleading competitions
- eating pho
- napping
- drinking bad wine

Little Pho Bowl

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