Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm in Ottawa with LPB.

Top 5 things about the Nations Capital so far:
1. People who encourage blackout drinking
2. People who think I'm funny (blacked out or otherwise, I'm just really stoked to be here)
3. The cafe lady asking if I was Halal to get a halal hotdog (which was delicious)
4. Alison, Deshon and Allen Iverson
5. The place where they give out free fisherman's friends, fake tattoos and lanyards.

and now I'm looking forward to this for lunch, a BIG PHO BOWL.

ANNNNND!!!!!! The newest latest, this movie is going to be ________ (positive adjective, this is now going to be a madlib blog)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#19: Ooh.

I really like that look on you for spring/summer. Are you going to go with the leg sleeve as well? That would be really cool, you should get it Vietnamese themed with pho, and I'll get it Filipino themed, with my Dad on it. I like that you mentioned spring because it's one of the best seasons (in my opinion.)

I'm also really excited for you to come down to Ottawa (shhhhh ... I know I wasn't supposed to tell anyone), and you can go skateboarding in the Carleton underground tunnels with Dave when I'm at cheerleading practice. AND we can make a MacBook album after (kidding.)

I am sitting with my friend Madelyn right now, looking at bad blogs and bad twitters. We have a guest speaker from Venus Envy, and she just started talking about "the dude with the vagina". I'm starting to think 8:30 am is the worst time for a talk about Mangina's(even though 8:30 am is the worst time for anything because I like sleeping until at least 9:30am)

On a lighter, less Mangina note, I have found my new crush. After buying the new GQ with Robert Pattinson on the front, I realized my crush that I formally had on him is now gone (not because of the article on him, but because I've been thinking about sleeping with him since Twilight.) And after watching the snowboarding movie That's it, That's all
upwards of 5 times, I have found a new crush.

Lib Tech rider, Mark Landvik (phwoar, check out picture 19.)

Not only should you see this movie because Mark Landvik is really good-looking (for the males that read this, he's a sick snowboarder), but because Travis Rice rips it up Alaska in it as well, and Pat Moore from Forum That is in it as well.

That's it, That's all.

Lil' Pho B
(aka: Serena)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

#30: alexander gold i'm sorry dude.

Nothing bad has ever happened to me during the summer, ever.

All the worst shit happens in the Fall/Winter, injuries, school, and breakups.

If Winter is hating on Lil' Wayne, then we must be one and alike, 'cause my word, Winter is hating on Tam Vu too. (And if we're alike than I'm probably somewhat alike to Sega too)

For gods sake its named fall. Like, falling down. Like falling out. When was the last time something good happened when you fell, I never fell on a million dollars before, and I'd never want to fall into a well either, but I did SPRING onto my skateboard, SPRING into action, SPRING into IKEA for some great SPRING savings on SPRING sofas. The other day with the weather warming up my dude Milen sprung on 200$ he found on the streets!

What are some of the best things about spring/summer? Smelling trees and plants.

Here is what I will look like come spring/summer.

LPB, I read the FML when you told someone on facebook that it was especially good that day (Emily) and one of them was the story of the guy who came out of therapy and called up a one night stand to tell her he regreted her. Yadda, yadda, yadda, it ended in 'FML!'. Anyways, Alexander Gold, I'm sorry I kicked you in the nuts in gr.6, no one says "Damn you, Tam Vu!" after winning lunch time soccer. I think I served a few days suspension on that one. Hope you can still make a family. FYL! (totally kidding, I'm sorry.)

#29: the pretty girl on the metro gives hope to all the losers

I just noticed most of my posts are videos. MY BAD. I just feel the need to point out the gems that I find in the vast field of cyber space.

A lot of people know Kid Cudi as the 'Day n Nite' du but, he's been around for a few minutes, mixtape under his belt, album on the way, once retired, once came back, nevertheless Cudi brings a depressing song like Day n Nite into a club banger. Here's a video of a remix. Now, now, I know I said remix but seriously, check this one out and what Cudi himself, had to say about it on his blog (he's serious when it's in all caps).


And since after immediatly watching the video I needed it on my iPod, download is after the jump.

Christine, thanks ;)
Warren, get those pills (not the blue magic ones)
do you think people get confused by our posts because they don't know who is posting? That would be a better poll topic instead of this horse beaten, dragged out of the graveyard, age old chicken or the egg question, that we currently have... jerk, I may be down but I'm not out

Friday, March 20, 2009

'hotel for dogs' inspired me

border collie pups and pugs!

sew cute

Love, LPB

ps; Way cool volcano. Ms.Frizzle in magic school bus says after an underwater volcano explosion, an island forms eventually (not a very big one though)
pps; I didn't put any voodoo on you man, you're just asian yourself stick to white people.

#28: drunk floggin (and bloggin)

a.) Gin and tonic right now
b.) LPB, new poll??? I retire, keep my title as "Winner of 'Who?'"
c.) Volcano, erupting in the middle of the ocean... are you serious?!

#18: proof

my first place paper from laser quest.
my name was "tropsick" because I tried to tell the guy my nickname was "chopstick" and I guess he didn't hear me correctly.

Also, today I went to the movies with the camp I work with, and we saw hotel for dogs.
It's an adorable movie, everyone should probably see it. It made me want a pug puppy so bad!

back to ottawa tomorrow!

Little Pho Bowl

PS: Fmylife today is really hilarious, go check it out

#27: double post

This story was read to my class by the librarian in elementary school, so stoked it's coming onto the big screen. Spike Jonze, ala YEAH RIGHT!, Fully Flared, Being John Malkovich fame, directed the book-to-movie and apparently it has the adult world in a craze as well. The trailers attached to the new movie Monsters Vs. Alien, if anyone wants to go see this, I'm home April 24th (this is Tam by the way).

Source: Some link off

p.s NBA JAM Tournament Edition came into the mail the other day, been playing this non stop.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

#26: tam vu vs. voodoo vs. asian girls

I'm going to look back on this blog in a decade and think, what the fuck? I'm writing about skateboarding, girls and clothes (and sometimes magic pills), and I thought to myself damn in 10 years I hope I'm still thinking about skateboarding, girls and clothes (and sometimes blue magic pills, I guess). Some years ago, Serena did some crazy voodoo shit on me and said that I was never going to get with an asian girl, ever. What. The. Dick. That is the worst voodoo magic shit you could ever do to someone.

The other night at a St. Patty's day party I spotted the cutest asian girl ever, told her she was the cutest, and we left together into the void of the night (and my bedroom).

No, thats what SHOULD have happened. I spotted her, approached her, she turns around and starts making out with another man!

Voo. Doo. Shit.

Don't even stand a chance.

Eli, she was mine first bro.

So here's to the one that got away.

MSTRKRFT feat. N.O.R.E - Bounce

He actually TWITTERS during this. Hahaha.

#17: it's snowing outside again and..

I got 1st at laser quest, and then 3rd, but that's because the people I work with are pretty good. And I think because after I won, I gloated for about 5 minutes to a bunch of 7 year olds about beating them so they were not impressed. So in the second round, they chased me around like the witch in the witch hunt... but in a glow-in-the-dark room with old techno music pumping loudly in the background.

I convinced Johanne(mom) to take me shopping at mapleview. She sympathized because I told her as her first born, I deserve the same treatment as Paul(Brother). He gets a new airsoft gun virtually everyday, and they're expensive and big. Below there's a picture of Justine and I with it.

see, I told you it's a big guy.

 Little Pho Bowl

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#16: Hit counter


I am going to Laser Quest for work tomorrow to play. I am going to be against a bunch of 6,7,8,9 year olds and if i don't win, I will never show my face in town ever again.

Little Pho Bowl

- ps: i added a website counter because it was cool

Monday, March 16, 2009

#25: alter ego

Pen names, nom de plumes, alter egos, stage names, the detachment from ones original identity.

Porn stars, singers, writers, actors,

Lupe Fiasco's undertaken a new identity as Percival Fats, Japanese Cartoons lead singer. He dons a faux british accent and sings in this punk influenced band.

One of the more succesful rap to rock conversions....


Sunday, March 15, 2009

#15: I'm serena and i forget to name my posts!

I need this as soon as possible. I think I will treat myself to a little shopping spree because I am working full time all week.
Justification is a necessity.

Little Pho Bowl

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#24: the young jeezy's, animal collectives and kid cudi's

This video is hilarious; review of the Young Jeezy's and Animal Collective.

This video gets instant shouts for proper use of Asians. It's sexy and a good tune.

1.5 asians out of 1.5.

LBP, I'm gonna lap you soon sweetheart

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#14: I'm way behind you.

When I went home this weekend for the cheerleading competition, first of all, we won.
Second, Oakville/Toronto area was MUCH warmer than it is in Ottawa. 
I am still eagerly awaiting summer so I can wear shorts and stop watching snowboarding movies.
Tam, remember when you were going to make a skateboarding movie called "How's your wife"?
And I was going to make an appearance in it because I was the only(best) girl skateboarder you've ever met??
I really like that Space Jam trailer you posted, and I like your hair better than you too (sorry).


Here is a picture of me with my vintage Carleton University mug that says our mascot is the PANDAS and the rice krispie pillow Patrick gave me before I went away for school.
I think I have a cold.
This is what I've been up to lately:
- winning cheerleading competitions
- eating pho
- napping
- drinking bad wine

Little Pho Bowl

#23: michael jordan

Monday, March 9, 2009

#22: the pills are here

My piracetam is here, will let you know how it goes. Here is an exerpt from the usage information (come summer I'm going to have a camera and this blog is going to get interesting).

Startup Dose:
Piracetam's effects build the more you use it. The startup doses (or "attack doses") are to kick start your system and increase effects of piracetam. You only need to do an attack dose once. (paraphrasing... something about having to take 7 the first day, than 7 again the next)


Regular use:
Regular use, take 2-4 pills or more if desired. Allow 20-40 minutes to feel the effects. Lasts 3-8 hours.

What I drank this weekend:
- Some shitty wine,
- Pabst BR

What I remember this weekend:
- Nothing

What I learned this week:
- Some people like their hair more than they like you

Thursday, March 5, 2009


What are bathroom mates? Is it people that you have to go to the bathroom with so they make sure you come back?

Anyways I was up till 4AM then up again at 8AM to finish my essay. I don't know why I do this to myself. My essays are always due on Thursday and Wednesday nights I go out to Foufounes Electrique(Electronique?) They open up the mini ramp so you can get cheap beer and sesh.

My original intent of this post was to warn people, warn people of the dangers of going into supermarkets while hungry. I don't know if this is common knowledge or what, but let me tell the uninitiated, don't do it.

This is what I came out with
- Bread
- Eggs
- Chicken Breast
- Pork Chops
- 3 sesame snaps
- 2 packs of turnovers (raspberry and blueberry)
- 2 packs of rice cookies (barbeque and original)
- excel NEW sweet mint gum
- a watermelon
- hummus dip
- an avocado

Initially I had written damn, worst 27$ spent ever, but in hindsight it's one of the best. I'm gonna drink us some bourbon for Monday's review.

#13: exciting news

Today I woke up to one of my bathroom mates yelling in spanish. I didn't tell her to quiet down although I was still asleep because it reminded me of being in Dominican Republic. It was really soothing, so I decided I'm going to start learning Spanish, courtesy of the interwebs.
Anyways, I also found this music, and if you liked Mika (you probably didn't), then you will like FrankMusik.

Little Pho Bowl.

PS: I head to home today! I will tell the Exceutive Pho Bowl you say huuullo!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

#20: anti-skate witches

I hate those skate witches and their rats, we need some kittens from kittens by kittens.

#12: Anti-ginger

No Gingers allowed Tam. No exceptions.

oh, and red wine is ok. Pictures from Wine night with Justine.

#19: red smells like Isla Fisher

GQ said it best, "This woman is marrying BORAT?!"

If anyone wants to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic I'm DOWN.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

#18: more blog posts than days

(Jacket on the left (above this text), consider it copped)

waste(twice) spring summer 2009 collection

source: swaggerdap

The bags look swanky, probably catch a lot of flake skating around with one though.

#17: a million dreams so loud they scream so loud they scream and shout

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
Found this on my iPod, no idea how it got there but I kinda like it.

#11: look i forgot to name this one too! (my name is serena)

These outfits are designed by Dan and Dean Caten of Canadian design duo, Dsquared. This is a preview of what Britney Spears will be wearing in her upcoming tour, which I am so jealous of anyone that is going to! Dsquared is one of my fav. designers.

Little Pho Bowl

Monday, March 2, 2009

17: the grass is greener here

Somedays I think about where all my keys
that I've lost have gone
like the one lost sitting in the metro
or the one lost at that party with loud music and people yelling and girls crying
or the one lost jumping on Jays trampoline
or the one lost running during an impromptu picnic soccer game (these are the best)
will they ever be found?

I hope a woman collects them
picks them off the ground
off the grass
off the gravel
off the tar
and adds them to her collection
always wondering which doors they would yield
and what treasures laid behind the doorways
and what monsters lurk
and what type of people inhabit the homes.

She'd like to meet the round key people
and the thin long key people
and the square key people
and the greasy key people
and the rusty key people
and the jagged teeth key people she would avoid
she doesn't want this.

And I hope that one day
opportunity knocks at my door.

#16: the best ways to die are laughing and in battle

If we start a Monday review we're going to need a name. What about, Liqour on Lundi, or Lunch with Licks, or Drunk with Mother Junkst on Monday or, 'How I Met Your Alcohol', or Who Wants to be an Alcoholic, I have a zillion ideas.

This week on Liqour on Lundi, Lunch with Licks, Drunk with Mother Junkst on Monday, 'How I Met Your Alcohol', Who Wants to be an Alcoholic, I present you:

This was done on a whim, I had no mix and only had Perrier stocked in the fridge. It's quite warming served cold, the kick of the vodka makes this a very man drink. Contrary to photographic evidence the Perrier bottle isn't actually bigger than the oh-so-delicious Grey Goose. 3 shots out of 5.

This cat is a spider!!!!!

#10: double digits

So I made the double digits, for us to make our new Monday ritual post. Monday is officially the day we critique what we drank this weekend.

I've been trying to get an Absolut bottle collection going, and I've bought all of them (except the limited addition disco bottle). I'll edit this and post a picture later. This weekend, I had:
Anyways, I obviously got really drunk but it was no good. I didn't have any idea what to mix it with so i just took shots. It tasted horrible, and I usually like citrus things.

Verdict: I give it 2 shot glasses out of 5.

#9: back again

I forgot to tell you i didn't win the Millionaire for life.
We need a sweet idea like the Macarena to make us rich enough to buy that island. Is that even how you spell it?
In a recent occurrence of events, I've decided to do 20 minute pilates everyday for lent or something. I might give up facebook too. Who knows.
The pilates is something I've been trying to do for a while, but it's hard to find time with cheerleading, sleeping in, and assignments. Apparently Megan Fox does pilates everyday, and she's got a sweet body.

Little Pho Bowl

#8: Seriously.

I REALLY wish you didn't post that picture of me in Montreal. but, I'm over it.
soon i'll start posting pictures of you like that.

this is probably the best thing that happened to me all day

Click Here, please.

Ps. this is probably because I love cats.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

#15: do you remember when we first met

Reasons I'm looking forward to spring/summer (people seem to forget that spring comes before summer):

1. Picnics with a Pinel&PinelxKorg

(I'm drawing up plans to make one of these as we speak.)

2. Growing a vegetable garden

3. Wearing this hat while

drinking this drink

4. Skating

5. LPB's fantasy Carribean island and the Occulus yacht.

It's going to be a lackadaisical summer, but I feel grounded with my picnic trunk project.
Here are some more things that I'd also like to do (they didn't make my top 5, I didn't want to give myself too many things to worry about):

  • I want to have a good conversation on my porch
  • I want to give a lift to a hitch-hiker, hopefully he/she doesn't stab or bite me
I wouldn't want that

I used to get defensive when people called me 'lazy' but I'm stoked to get back to that. Embrace it! It's better than being called a dick anyways.
(I'm not a dick)

(I'm going to relax on my updates, I've built up a pretty good stack against LPB)

#14: will kids still learn the macarena in 100 years?

The Macarena (song) is infinitely cooler than you'll ever be.

It was ranked #1 Greatest One Hit Wonder by VHS in '02, it was the best selling debut in the US and it was on the Hot 100 charts for 62 weeks (there are 52 weeks in a year). Oh and as of 1997, the song has also sold 11 million copies

The Macarena is a song about a girl named "Macarena" who is the girlfriend of a recruit to the Spanish Army. She celebrates his drafting by hooking up with not one, but two of his friends. Macarena has a weakness for men in uniforms, spending summers at Marbella, dreams of shopping, moving to New York and getting a new boyfriend.